Our Mission

"The evolution of Australian society and the Australian financial system have made financial literacy a necessary and critical skill for consumers and investors."

The growing range of financial products available, changes in demography, and increases in consumer responsibility for superannuation decisions and retirement incomes have all increased the importance of having sound financial literacy


skills – but we don't learn about managing your finances in high school schools or in universities or workplaces.

Your Financial Partner has been specifically designed to help Australian individuals and households make more informed decisions relating to events that affect our financial future by helping them better manage their personal finances, achieve financial security and generate wealth.

Our People:

Haydon Skudder

Founder and Chairman

Haydon has over 40 years of experience in the Financial Planning industry. Recognising the need for greater financial literacy, he set out to create an online platform that empowers Australian individuals and households to make more informed decisions regarding their financial future.

Terry Rhodes

Director of Marketing

Terry has been a practicing financial adviser since 2002 with a focus on working closely with employers in relation to superannuation and group insurance programs. He is a Certified Financial Planner® and holds a Diploma of Financial Planning and an Executive Masters of Business Administration.

Alexander Hassall

Director of Product

Alexander is responsible for Your Financial Partner’s product development and manages the product delivery/development process. He has a background in the financial services industry and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Science and a Master of Business Administration.

Angella Whitaker

Client Service Manager

Angella is a highly skilled Client Services Manager with a proven track record of delivering high quality outcomes for our clients. She has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 year with experience in stock broking, accounting and financial advice.